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Thank you for the formatting service. It was a great help!

R. Bhikharie · Suriname

I am very happy to avail this service. It really makes difference.

M. Jelani · Saudi Arabia

It was a great help to get the feedback on the document. It saved me hours not to mention the help i would have needed.

C. Steeneken · United States

As researchers from a non-English Speaking country, the language problem sometimes becomes an obstacle on the globalization road of our research. I have tried and used some other English editing services before, whereas delays or disappointments showed up frequently. Through repeated consideration and selection, the performance of Wiley Editing Services does surprise me. Not only because they can assure the completion time, one day ahead the schedule; but also, the revised paper turns out to be smooth in literature and clarified in logic. I can give great appreciation to Wiley Editing Services for its detailed dedication in modification, even punctuations are included. Besides, Wiley Editing Services marks their price clearly and reasonably; online payment is well designed for invoice automatically printing; and the Email customer service responds accurately and timely. To me, Wiley Editing Services can be regarded as the one with international high level, and it is trustworthy.
— Dr. Kang Xuezhi, Shanghai Research Center of Acupuncture and Meridians

作为非英语母语国家的研究者,语言问题让我们的研究在面向国际化的道路上时时碰壁,先前也接触过一些英文编辑服务,但常常会出现服务承诺不能兑现的问题。经过反复斟酌遴选,尝试了Wiley Editing Services,的确很意外,不仅每次都能在计划化完成时间的前一天提前完成服务,而且经过修改的文章行文流畅,逻辑清晰,修改之仔细,甚至连一个标点符号都都不放过,这么精专的服务真是不能不为之点赞。同时,服务明码标价,价格合理;在线付款,发票自行打印也及其方便快捷;邮件客服咨询回复精准快捷。我认为Wiley Editing Services是国际高水准的服务,值得信赖!

学. 康 · China

Rapid and not expensive service for a correct job! It Changes the life of non-native english speaker.

E. Corse · France