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对于Wiley论文润色服务,我已经使用了2年有余,英语润色非常专业,投稿后审稿专家基本会说是well written,不会提出需要语言修改的要求。另外,相对于国内的论文修改公司,他的响应速度很快,修改的专家不用跟作者多次具体沟通细节,一般只需要6天左右就可以下载到修改稿,而国内的公司论文评估,初审,润色做下来,基本上要一个月以上,甚至几轮沟通,到两个月。总结下来,如果你对自己在科学性上有一定的把握能力,用Wiley的论文润色会非常的高效,省事。

C. Hu · China



燕. 徐 · China



云. 韦 · China

Thank you for your excellent editing. Even though I am a native English speaker and, I believe, competent writer, your editing made a significant contribution to our article. Your figure preparation support was also very helpful.

j. weiss · Brazil

英文写作一直是广大中国科研工作者投递文章首先需要克服的难题,通过查阅网上信息和杂志推荐,我在众多润色机构中选择了Wiley 科技论文的高级语言编辑服务。因为杂志的一些要求,我提出了一些字数限制,工作人员每次都能主动联系和耐心的沟通,并且迅速的给予答复。返回的修改稿中批注详细,修改的内容也尽量不会违背原文的意思,并且逻辑和条理更加清晰,就连图中的一个标点符号都会指出错误,这让我对编辑人员的细致认真感到敬佩,最后的编辑报告中也指出了我一些常见错误,对今后的英文写作中,很有帮助。在此,真诚的感谢所有工作人员热情专业的服务!

One of the primary obstacles faced by many Chinese researchers in the publication process is written English. Through online research and journal recommendations, I chose Wiley's Premium Language Editing Service from among many editing companies. I requested word count reduction because of submission guidelines. The staff proactively reached out to me every time and replied in a timely and patient manner.

The edited manuscript I received contained detailed comments and edits that improved logical clarity while retaining the original meaning. Even the smallest punctuation mistakes in the figures were pointed out. I was very impressed with the editors' detailed and thorough work. In the final editor report, they even pointed out my common mistakes to help me with my writing in the future.

So I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to the staff for their professional service and friendly attitude.

Z. Xing · China